Formteknik’s organization is setup to support your R&D department or your external design development house and undertake complete project management from initial parts development to preparing documented specifications and pilot mould programs through to full mould production management.



The concept design phase of each project is characterised by rigorous management procedures to limit cost and scope escalation. It is designed to ensure the efficient deployment of the pilot concept including key learning from the engineering and prototypes phase into the functionality and final moulding processes as early as possible to save cost and time in the next steps.


During this essential stage of a project, we deploy our internal design and engineering specialists to support and advance the understanding and the specifications of the product for functionality, choice of materials, logic and mechanical behaviour, thermal behaviour, chemical resistance, cosmetic implications and tolerance levels.


As a key part of this process, proprietary DFM/ESI Reports include the results from filling and cooling simulation in MoldFlow, FEA in SolidWorks and Moulded-Part Validation from Uni-Graphics. These detailed reports highlight identified potential process-related issues, and thus ensure that a robust and fully functional design specification is completed before work begins on the physical mould design stage. See our different levels of reports and upload your request here. ESI Upload


We offer you a unique, reusable pilot project methodology for pilot moulds which not only reduce costs, but also allows for rapid delivery while maintaining unparalleled quality. This first phase production concept ensures critical product and development knowledge is securely retained while providing significant opportunities for quality improvement and cost optimisation associated with delivering high OEEs from the high-volume production moulds. In this way not only does your product get to market faster, but we hand this proprietary intelligence off all critical process information to you and it will be validated and ready according to exact your procedures before transfer.  In this way we ensure a lean process in strict accordance with the parts and mould’s complexity and risk levels.