Our large production plants have been purpose designed to optimally fulfill our goals when it comes to manufacturing effectiveness and exceptionally high quality. Formteknik has always invested in the best machinery, the best measuring equipment and the latest automation techniques. A mix that will make your project successful. Formteknik's 4800m² tool shop in Sweden is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


To enable repeatable tolerances within a few microns our tool production facilities are housed in a climate controlled and clean environment. At our major plant in Sweden we exchange 56m³ air/minute and the temperature is at a constant 22 degrees as well as we filter the air directly on the machines through special filters . All to ensure the best machining quality that´s possible.



The production of multicavity high precision mould tools require competence as well as machinery. As our customer you get to work with a team of highly skilled and trained toolmakers. They meticulously operate and monitor the manufacturing process through the whole plant. Our fully automated tool shop runs 24/7 production.


In both our plants we have the capabilities and competence required to assemble the high precision parts that are integral in the mould tool. By delivering a fully optimized mould, our toolmakers ensure that your production process achieves and sustains efficient manufacture



Formteknik is your full service solution partner also  providing solutions for service and spare part management. We can offer you a centralized program which optimizes the process flow from the early documentation until the validated and released spare part, in this way we can provide you the financial benefit from an optimal stock management, stock level and documentation control in MouldCat. The production of Formteknik spare parts and service takes place in our service hubs in Sweden, Denmark, Brazil and USA.